Mark Moring

Managing Editor, ORBITER magazine

The first movie Mark remembers seeing as a child was The Deadly Mantis (1957), what he now recognizes as a pretty awful sci-fi flick. But at the time, Mark was struck by (a) the very cool, 200-foot-long praying mantis (more like “preying” . . . on people), and (b) the “sci” part of “sci-fi.” (Though he understood what “fi” meant, he still didn’t sleep a wink that night.) As for the “sci,” Mark learned about volcanoes, icebergs, fighter jets, radar, autonomic reflexes, and even some human psychology and biology (there was a hero, there was a girl, there was a kiss, YUCK!). Mark has enjoyed learning about the wonders of science ever since. A psych major at the University of Virginia, Mark went on to become an award-winning journalist, a magazine editor, a fundraising copywriter, and now a member of the Creative Team at Polymath Innovations.