Connor Wood

Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Mind and Culture

Connor Wood holds a PhD in religious studies from Boston University, with an emphasis on the interface between religion and science. Before coming to BU, he studied creative writing at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Connor's main scholarly interests have to do with the intersection between ideology, religion, and cognition. This includes the ways that culture and social structure affect our beliefs, and vice-versa. He's a big fan of anthropologists like Mary Douglas, Victor Turner, and Roy Rappaport. These thinkers remind us in the secular West that ritual and tradition matter much more than we realize. Connor also likes to keep up with fields like cultural psychology, sociology, and political philosophy. A believer in the importance of sharing ideas outside the academic world, Connor has blogged or written for, the Huffington Post,, On Faith. He lives in Boston and, in his spare time, plays old-time country music.