7 Edges of Science We’ll Never Surpass

Philip Perry | Big Think

We still hold onto Enlightenment ideals such as, that all problems can be solved with the use of the intellect, logic, mathematics, and the scientific method. As a result, millions across the world have been lifted out of poverty, saved through medical science, fed through advances in agriculture, and are connected like never before, through computers and communication technology. Despite all these innovations, Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy in his latest book, argues we may be reaching science’s limit on a number of  different fronts.

Science and mathematics have, at least for now, already reached certain limits. Whether we’ll ever be able to overcome or accommodate them, no one really knows. In quantum mechanics there is The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which states that you can measure a particle for location or momentum but not both. Why has been an utter mystery, but not without hypotheticals. One includes the theory of the multiverse—that these are two phases of the same particle, each residing simultaneously in two different universes.

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